Frequently Asked Questions about Ordering Beef

How much will it cost?

The total cost of the beef purchased it determined by the hanging weight which is not finalized until the beef is processed. For this reason, when purchasing beef from Wright Farms, we charge an initial non-refundable deposit to secure your spot on our waiting list. The final price is based on a hanging weight determined by the place of processing. We will send you an invoice for the final amount (determined by hanging weight) when processed. This amount will be the final hanging weight amount minus your deposit.  For reference, a quarter of beef usually weighs between 200 to 240 lbs prior to making cuts for your order.

Where is the processing done?

We work with City Meat Market of Brownton in Brownton, MN.

How is the meat packaged?

Each processing shop can custom cut your order. A mix of steaks, roasts, and hamburger is the most common. Other items that can be made are hot dogs, dried beef and meat rings.

Not sure what cuts to order?

Each processor will walk you through the process and keep a copy of your order for future use.


We do not ship our beef. You are responsible for picking the meat up from the processor.

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