From our family farm to your family’s table, farm direct freezer beef.

You are what you eat! Healthy feed makes healthy animals. Healthy animals become wholesome, high quality meat.

About Our Beef

We believe in transparency, from our farm to your table. If you are looking for high quality freezer meat, you can’t go wrong with Wright Farms Beef.

We raise our livestock with careful animal husbandry techniques and pride ourselves on the care of our animals. We only use Non GMO grains produced in our own fields to feed our herd from birth to harvest. Our livestock are fed a wholesome diet of Wright Farms raised corn, oats, and hay along with supplements to maintain excellent animal health. Our crops are constantly monitored and managed to produce the highest nutrient density possible. We also use environmentally sustainable farming practices to ensure clean air and water for generations to come.

Wright Farms is Beef Quality Assurance Program Certified